Establish consistent breastfeeding messaging

Our comprehensive, consistent training and tools can be used in a range of settings, ensuring families hear the same thing at every stage of care.


We have something for everyone.

From families and frontline workers to organizations and states… our comprehensive system of training and tools offers something for every level of the Socioecological Model.


All our materials align with Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) requirements and the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding, proven to help prepare families and give babies the best start in life.


Say the same thing at every stage of care

Families often hear different, conflicting information. Our coordinated products are designed to work in a range of settings, allowing your community to reinforce a consistent message and help families feel prepared for baby’s birth… and beyond.

Coaching & Support

We offer guidance through coaching and implementation support for…

We’re committed to creating and sharing what works


There is power in creating something together. That is why many of the Coffective tools and implementation resources have been inspired or enhanced by community input.

Learn from Others

Ever wonder how others used
training and tools to accomplish their goals? How I Did It’s package these strategies and lessons for replication in more communities.

Use All or Some

While all our training and tools are coordinated for easier implementation, everyone is welcome to use other resources with, or instead of, Coffective materials.

Expanding to the whole community

Starting within one organization or system is wonderful. But we also offer ways to expand this solution to ensure seamless care for families across an entire community.

Learn about our Coordination solution
Learn about our Hospital Quality Improvement solution