Access to Care

Ensure all families have access to healthcare services and experience improved health outcomes by developing sustainable partnerships across maternal and child health organizations.

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Quality, appropriate care is not accessible to all families

In some areas, quality healthcare services might not exist. If quality services exist, families might not know about them. If families know about the services, they might not be able to access them at the right time or at all. If families can access the services, they might not experience the same quality of care over time.

These barriers have a large impact on families’ health outcomes, and disproportionately affect Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), people with limited income, and rural populations.


Why is this happening?


Ensure all families have access to care

Through this focus area, Coffective assists states and communities in ensuring all families experience better health outcomes through increased access to care. Maternal and child health organizations are provided tools and support for developing sustainable partnerships that can effectively coordinate services and build referral systems.


Choose how to improve access to care

Coffective supports states and communities in choosing solutions — bundled tools, training, and activities — for improving access to care based on shared priorities and communities’ needs.


Connect with local organizations

Local organizations are provided access to Community Match, an online tool that helps them…

  • Find and connect organizations with similar goals and interests in working together.
  • Access resources and lessons learned to implement solutions that work.
  • Use organization profiles to share information with partners and families seeking support.


Get technical assistance on building referral networks

Strong referral networks play a big part in improving access to care. Local organization leaders can receive technical assistance from a community partnership coordinator on leveraging existing networks and building new connections. Technical assistance includes…

  • Access to a statewide landscape of services, referral data, and more.
  • Support in identifying potential community partners and setting up collaborative meetings.
  • Guidance on learning about partners’ services, priority areas, and referral opportunities.
  • Tools for creating consistent messaging and increasing referrals.


Learn from other communities improving access to care

Many communities have already had success improving access to care! Local leaders can share with and learn from these communities through…

  • A collaborative of communities working toward the same goals.
  • Community partnership coordinators who gather, share, and provide guidance on adapting lessons from other communities.
  • Regional sharing calls, where lessons learned are shared across states.


Start building a referral network today

There are many services and resources offered by organizations in your community. When families are aware of and have access to community resources, they can get the support they need to reach their health goals. Here are just a few activities to get you started on building your referral network today.


States Working on Improving Access to Care

Coffective is working with the following states on improving families’ health outcomes by building referral systems to increase access to quality care and services. Strategies within this focus area were chosen based on shared goals and communities’ needs.

Talk to a Coffective team member about what’s possible in your community.