Our Coordination Approach

We believe lasting change is built upon coordination. Coffective’s coordination approach centers around helping state and local organizations work, learn, and create together in order to more effectively improve maternal and child health.

Coordinate Across State & Local Organizations

We help state and local organizations function as one, unified system across the entire state for the benefit of families. We do this by supporting coordination at three levels.


  • Develop Sustainable Partnerships: State organizations work to establish and strengthen relationships between government, clinical, and community sectors.
  • Align State Priorities: State organizations can also make it easier for local organizations to implement programs and policies by aligning priorities at the state-level.

State-to-Local & Local-to-State

  • Disseminate Resources: State organizations can disseminate tools, training, and funding to local their networks in a coordinated way.
  • Scale Local Successes: State organizations can also scale local successes and lift the community’s voice by sharing lessons across the state.
  • Inform State-Level Decision-Making: Local organizations have the power to ensure communities’ needs are truly being addressed. They can provide local perspectives, data, and needs to use in state-level decision-making.
  • Help Others Learn from Your Work: Local organizations can also share their lessons learned, successes, and challenges with state organizations so communities across the state can learn from their work.


  • Coordinate Efforts Around Shared Goals: Local organizations can ensure services are creating positive change for all families by increasing their collaboration and communication, while reducing duplication and gaps in services.
  • Learn from Others’ Successes: Local organizations can also learn from communities already making great progress toward their goals, and receive guidance on replicating their successes and incorporating their lessons.

Work, Learn, and Create Together

By taking a coordinated approach to working, learning, and creating together, we help ensure communities create lasting impact in maternal and child health.

Identify, Create, Share, and Adapt Solutions

Coffective helps identify successful tools, training, and activities being used at the local-level. States and communities are able to bundle tools, training, and activities to create solutions for their most pressing challenges, and share the solutions widely across local networks. Local organizations can adapt existing or develop new tools, training, and activities to their communities’ unique needs with the support of technical assistance experts.

Our Process

See how Coffective guides state and local organizations in taking a coordinated approach to designing and implementing initiatives.

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Our Initiatives

See the approach in action! Learn how organizations are working, learning, and creating together to achieve shared goals.

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