Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the current policies and practices of Coffective, LLC (“Coffective”) with regard to Personal Data (defined below) collected by Coffective from users accessing its website found at the domain name (“Website”), the Coffective Dashboard Software (“Dashboard”), and Coffective mobile app (“Mobile App”).

This Privacy Policy is periodically updated. Please check back on a regular basis for any changes. If there are changes to this Privacy Policy, Coffective will post an update on its website alerting users to the changes.


Section 1. Definitions

As used in this Privacy Policy, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below:

(a) “Analytics Services” collectively refers to third-party vendors and software, such as Google Analytics, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Mixpanel, and others, to record data about Users who visit the Website and/or Mobile App.

(b) “Data” collectively refers to Personal Data and Non-Personal Data together.

  • “Non-Personal Data” means information that is not personally-identifiable to a specific person.
  • “Personal Data” means personally-identifiable information about a person, such as a person’s full name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and any other information that can be used to identify or contact a specific person.

(c) “Licensee” means the organization that executed and entered into a License Agreement with Coffective for use of the Dashboard to connect and share information about Licensed End Users to the public and other Licensed End Users found at the domain name

(d) “Services” collectively refers to the Coffective Website, Dashboard Software, and Mobile App together.

(e) “Users” collectively refers to Public Users, and Licensed End Users, and Mobile Users together.

  • “Licensed End Users” means people (whether an entity or individual) who access and enter information into the Dashboard upon execution of an End User License Agreement.
  • “Mobile Users” means people who access and enter information into the Mobile App.
  • “Public Users” means the general public who visit the Website to obtain information.

Section 2. Data Collected

The following is a list of the data Coffective currently collects through the Services.

A. User Data. By virtue of the terms of the End User License Agreement, Coffective collects the following Personal Data and Non-Personal Data about all Licensed End Users using the Dashboard:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Organization
  • State

In order to use the Mobile App, Mobile App Users provide the following Personal Data and Non-Personal Data:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Age range
  • State

B. Entity Data. Coffective and its Licensees collect entity-related data that Licensed End Users voluntarily provide. Some of this Entity Data will be available to Public Users. The Entity Data available to Public Users may include the following information for any contact person of a Licensed End User:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Phone number
  • Email address

The Entity Data available to Public Users may also include the following information about an associated organization:

  • Phone and/or fax number
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Physical address
  • Website domain name
  • Social media accounts
  • Other Licensed End User-created content meant for viewing by Public Users.

C. Usage and Access Data. Coffective uses cookies and Analytics Services to automatically record data about all Users who visit the Website. This information collected is considered Non-Personal Data of a User. Some information collected includes:

  • Language
  • Country
  • Browser type
  • Number of visits
  • Number of visits to a particular page
  • Page load time
  • Time spent on Website
  • Number of page views
  • Device type

Coffective may collect information about a User’s system and devices and how that User uses the Website. Coffective may use analytic and reporting technologies to record information such as Internet domain and host names, browser software, operating system types, page views, clickstream patterns, and the dates and times that a User accesses the Website.

Included in the Analytics Services are third-party vendors that manage, monitor, and optimize the Website and to help Coffective measure the effectiveness of its services. To do this, Coffective may use log files, error monitoring, performance monitoring, web beacons, and cookies. Analytics Services may capture information including Users’ IP Address or other unique identifier assigned to a particular User by the relevant system. Information captured by Analytics Services is stored by the third-party provider and not stored by Coffective. Coffective is concerned about the security of their third-party vendors, however, Coffective cannot make any guarantees or representations regarding third-party Analytics Services or their privacy practices.

Section 3. Use of Data

A. Personal Data. Coffective uses the Personal Data collected through the Services to allow Coffective to provide Users with access to the Services and to ensure a User’s usage of the Services is in compliance with applicable law and any underlying agreements a User has signed (if any). Coffective may also use the Personal Data to contact a User for a variety of reasons, such as but not limited to notifying a user about use of the Services or requesting feedback on the Website. Dashboard, Mobile App, or related services.

To maintain contact information with Users, Coffective uses a database. (See Section 7 for information on security.)

B. Non-Personal Data. Non-Personal Data may also be automatically collected about a User utilizing the Website, Dashboard, or Mobile App. This technology is used to track how many Users access Website, the date and time of their visits, the length of their stays, and which pages they view. Coffective may also use technology to determine which web browsers Users use and the address from which they accessed the Website. The information collected using this technology does not identify any User personally and is considered Non-Personal Data that simply enables Coffective to compile statistics about Users and their use of the Website and related services. Coffective uses this Non-Personal Data and may share it with third parties to improve the content and functionality of the Website, to better understand our customers and markets, and to improve our products and services.

Coffective may store certain information from a User’s web browser using “cookies.” A cookie is a piece of data stored on the User’s computer tied to information about the User and their use of the Website. Coffective may use session-ID cookies to confirm that registered Users are logged in. These cookies would terminate once the User closes the web browser. Coffective may also use persistent cookies that store certain Personal Data already provided to Coffective to make it easier for a User to log back into the Website. Cookies are used as a convenience feature for the User and to allow Coffective to better understand how Users are accessing and using the Website. A User can remove or block cookies using the settings in the User’s web browser if a User wants to disable such functions, but such action may impair the full functionality of the Website.

Section 4. Disclosure of Personal Data

Coffective may disclose Personal Data to third parties under certain circumstances. Coffective may disclose Personal Data to third parties if: 1) a User has optionally provided any Personal Data to Coffective so that it may store said Personal Data in its database to contact the User; 2) a User is a contact person of a Licensed End User, and a Licensed End User is looking for contact information of other contact persons of Licensed End Users; 3) a User requests that Coffective do so; 4) to comply with an applicable law, regulation, valid subpoena, or request of the U.S. Government or; 5) Coffective is acquired by or merged into another entity, or all or a portion of its assets are sold or otherwise transferred to another entity, Coffective may disclose Personal Data to that entity.

Section 5. Access to & Control Over Information

For help with further questions or access to Personal Data, a User can contact: Additionally, via email, Users can specifically requestion information about:

  • What data Coffective has about them, if any.
  • Changing / correcting any data Coffective has about them.
  • Deleting any data Coffective has about them.
  • Expressing any concern that the User has about use of their data.

Section 6. Do Not Track Signals

The Website tracks Users over time and across third-party websites. However, Users can adjust the settings of a User’s browser to send a “Do Not Track” (“DNT”) signal so the Website will not track Users over time and across third-party websites. Additionally, some third-party websites keep track of browsing activities when they serve Users content, which enables them to tailor what they present to different users. If a User is visiting such websites, a browser may allow Users to set the DNT signal on that browser so that third parties (particularly advertisers) know that the User does not want to be tracked.

Section 7. Hacking & Security

A. Security. Coffective uses industry-standard security measures to protect Users’ Personal Data. All user data is encrypted both in transit and at rest using industry-standard encryption algorithms. Coffective uses multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure that only authorized personnel can access our systems. The database is secured using a combination of network security measures and access control policies. Coffective employs regular security audits and vulnerability assessments to proactively identify and remediate any potential security risks.

Coffective implements strict data retention and deletion policies to ensure that user data is not kept longer than necessary. In addition, Coffective provides users with the ability to manage their own data and exercise their rights under applicable privacy laws, including the right to access, correct, and delete their data.

While such security measures provide reasonable protections against unauthorized access, they provide no guarantee that Personal Data will not be compromised. HACKING AND UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS OCCURS, AND COFFECTIVE PROVIDES NO GUARANTEE THAT PERSONAL DATA WILL NOT BE STOLEN OR MISUSED BY THIRD PARTIES.

Whenever a website collects sensitive information (such as confidential business information), a User should confirm that the information is encrypted and transmitted in a secure way. One way that a User may do so is by looking for a closed lock icon at the bottom of the web browser, or looking for “https” at the beginning of the address of the web page.

B. Links to Other Websites. The Website contains web links to third-party websites. These websites are not under Coffective’s control. Coffective makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy and information on or from other websites. Please be advised that the privacy policy and security policy of third-party linked websites are not that of Coffective.

Section 8. Questions

Any questions about this Privacy Policy or concerns about the way Coffective processes Personal Data should be sent to