Solutions to help improve the health of new families

Coffective has three primary solutions that focus on strengthening maternal and child health systems so that families can experience better health outcomes.

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No Cookie-Cutter Solution

Every community has its own unique opportunities, challenges and local dynamics. While our solutions offer a structured path for reaching specific goals, they have also been designed with flexibility in mind. Each solution can be customized to align with the needs and interests of the community.

What are our solutions?


Build relationships & coordinate with partners

With the help of state leaders and an eye toward scaling what works… this solution is to intended connect local organizations working toward the same goals, and help them build the type of collaborative partnerships that will allow them to achieve more than they ever could alone.

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Educate families and staff on evidence-based care

Hearing different or conflicting information can be confusing. By reinforcing the same messages at every stage of care, families feel more prepared to receive evidence-based maternity care practices. This solution offers a comprehensive, coordinated system of training and tools.

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Jumpstart hospital quality improvement efforts

Hospitals strive to improve quality of care, but are often limited in time and resources. This solution ignites quality improvement by helping increase motivation and capacity for hospital leaders and staff. This includes a focus on task force development and data collection as well as patient and staff education.

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What’s different about our approach?

Coffective helps state- and local-level organizations accelerate and amplify their efforts by offering structured flexibility. Solutions can be tailored around…

  • Data & Evaluation
  • Coordination across Partners
  • Training & Tools
  • Co-Creation
  • Technology
  • Coaching
  • Socioecological Model
  • Application of Theories