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What is it?

Because that’s the way we’ve always done it. Does that phrase sound familiar? It’s normal to resist change when it is perceived as resulting in little payoff. Starting with small successes helps motivate staff, allowing them to tackle bigger projects. The Mountain Climber system acknowledges that while some quality improvement is accomplished quickly, some may require additional planning or testing. The approach recognizes quality improvement requires a structured approach, but it is not “one size fits all.” Start with the Implementation Guide so you understand all the moving pieces. Use the Task Force Agenda to plan your discussions. Use the Mountain Climber Menu to organize your brainstorming. Use the Mountain Climber Worksheet as your work plan from month to month.

Quality improvement ultimately cannot be accomplished by one individual. That is why the task force is a vital mechanism in achieving the constant change and steady growth that quality improvement demands. However, the task force leader is one individual who owns the direction of the task force. They will appreciate having the tools ready for immediate use to help propel quality improvement forward.

A breastfeeding champion is a person who improves outcomes by being a role model, taking initiative, and educating others. A breastfeeding champion can be a nurse, a provider, a manager, a quality department member, or anyone who steps forward as a local lead. The suite of materials will provide structure for the champion’s passion, and a path toward engagement of others with the goal of task force formation.

Quality Improvement is not just limited to within hospital walls. The concepts can be applied to any process, such as breastfeeding support by direct service providers and maternal-infant health community support. The Mountain Climber System is general enough to be used in any setting.