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What is it?

This comprehensive poster is designed to hang in waiting rooms or examination rooms in the clinic, in the hospital, or in community direct service provider spaces. The soft color palate is pleasing and also coordinates with all other Coffective materials, such as the mobile app, Counseling Sheets, and the We’re Prepared Checklist. The poster provides a summary of the key points that span across all Coffective materials, making it a useful reference during patient education. The poster directs mothers and families to the Coffective mobile app for more information.

Whether you serve families in the clinic or the community, the Content Poster is a great tool to kick off prenatal education on breastfeeding and practices such as skin-to-skin. Starting with a summary of the topics to come is a great way to create interest in further education.

Use the Content Poster to reinforce prenatal education upon admission to the hospital and throughout the hospital stay. The information coordinates with the Coffective app, Counseling Sheets, and other Coffective materials for a seamless message.

An engaged and educated champion is key to breastfeeding success. Coffective stresses the importance of the champion through the use of powerful images of champions on the Content Poster. Build additional family support as well by referring family members to the poster for a quick review of why we promote breastfeeding and evidence-based maternity care practices.

Your waiting room may also be shared by the general public. The content poster is a great way to normalize breastfeeding in the community at large.

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