An App for Moms.

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This free, interactive app is designed to help families prepare for the hospital, build a support team, and get the best start possible for mom and baby.

Available in English and Spanish

What's Inside?

Build Your Team

Learn what to look for when choosing the champions, providers, hospital, WIC and other community organizations that will support you during your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Keep everything in one place by adding support team members to the app.

Evidence-Based Content

No more wondering if what you’re reading is right. Learn more about preparing for baby’s birth with evidence-based content that was written for people just like you, and vetted by professionals in a variety of settings.

Find Resources Near You

Find WIC clinics, hospitals, support groups and other community resources that can support you on and offline. (Available in select states.).

Connect Moms with Local Resources

In selected states, moms can use the app to search for WIC clinics, hospitals, prenatal clinics, home visiting programs, and other community resources near them. By referring to the app, you can help ensure they get the support they need.

Evidence-Based Education

Developed by a diverse team of experts and tested in both hospital and community settings, all of the educational content is evidence-based and aligns with the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative’s maternity care best practices.

Promotes WIC Caseload

The app highlights WIC as an important part of mom’s support team and encourages her to see if she is eligible for WIC services. We also have many new features planned for the future that will be useful for WIC staff and their clients!

Community + Effective =

Lets build an app you want

As the experts in your communities, you know best what families need to succeed. Your insights have kicked off the development of new mobile app features such as virtual guides, push notifications for consistent messaging and Spanish content. But we know you have more ideas… and we’re ready to listen.

By sharing your feedback from the field, you can be a part of designing an app that meets the needs of families – not just in your local community – but in communities across the country!.

 Spread the word

 Tell us your ideas for new features

 Test the app before others

 Review early design and give feedback

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