Lyanna Moore


Lyanna Moore, CD, LEC

Lyanna Moore is a community organizer, Certified Doula (CCI), and Certified Lactation Specialist (LEC).

She is the owner of Moore 2 Love Doula Services serving Grand Rapids, MI and the surrounding areas, providing care, support, and education to her clients. Birth work is her passion and she is working diligently to end disparities facing the BIPOC and POC communities.

Lyanna is consistently pouring into her community and educating them on what birth can look like with doula support. Through this, she has partnered with several community organizations including Moms Bloom, Alpha Grand Rapids, and H.O.A.P. Inc.

Currently, her drive has led her to Commonsense Childbirth Institute where she is the Student Engagement Coordinator supporting new doulas and birth workers. Within QI-TRACS, Lyanna is Community Organizer for Corewell Health and the Grand Rapids area.

Lyanna is a Detroit native, living in West Michigan with her husband and three daughters.